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Nepal Electric Power and Lights International Expo 2023

About Show

Nepal Electric, Power & Light Expo is one of the leading show focused on Electronics, Lightning, Power, Energy & Allied Industries. It has envisaged to build a great knowledge sharing, networking, and sourcing platform for the passionate and enthusias􀆟c professionals of the Electrical industry to work for the growth and betterment of the Electrical industry in Nepal It brings together the largest players in the Electrical industry to showcase their latest technologies and innovations. It is a must-visit show of the year, an ideal platform that will not only give you technical insights about the fastest and most rapidly growing industry but also showcase the emerging trends and technologies.

List of Some Products at Display in Nepal Electric Power and Lights International Expo 2023

  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • ACB, MCB, MCCB, RCCB, Stabilizers etc.
  • Adhesive Tapes & Non Adhesive Tapes
  • All Types Electrical Materials
  • All Types Electrical Accessories
  • All Types Electrical Machines
  • Aluminium Die Cast Products
  • Audio/Video Products/ Equipment’s
  • Bakelite Products
  • Batteries (All Types)
  • Blocks/Modules
  • Boilers (All)
  • Bopp/Polyester Product/Films.
  • Brass Electrical Accessories, Etc.
  • Cable Related Products/ Accessories
  • Cable (All Types)
  • Cable Accessories & Conductors
  • Cable Connectors
  • Cable Earthing Equipments & Materials
  • Cable Glands & Wiring Accessories
  • Cable Making Machines
  • Cable Terminal/ Lugs & Socket
  • Cable Trays
  • Capacitors/Filters
  • Casting & Forging
  • Ceramic Products
  • Circuit Boards
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Coil Winding Machines
  • Communication Equipments
  • Conductors, Insulators & Allied Products/Accessories
  • Control Panels & Allied Products/Accessories
  • Copper & Aluminum Winding Wires
  • Copper Bars/Rods/Profiles/Strips etc.
  • Copper Products/ Accessories/Materials etc.
  • Copper/ Wire/Insulation & Materials
  • Design & Consultancy
  • Diesel/ Gas/ Silent Generators & Spares
  • Digital Meters (All Types)
  • Distribution Boards/ Busbar etc.
  • Door Bells, Night Lamps, Spines, Extension Cord
  • Earthing Related Products/Equipment/Material
  • Electric Home Appliances
  • Electric Locomotive Products/Materials/Machines
  • Electric Motors (All Types)
  • Electric Railway Equipments& Materials
  • Electric Winding Products
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Electrical Hardware Fittings
  • Electrical Insulation Materials
  • Electrical Insulation Tapes
  • Electrical Plastic Products
  • Electrical Poles/Towers & Allied Products
  • Electrical Profiles
  • Electricity Board Equipments & Materials
  • Electro Stampings
  • Electronic Component & Equip. (All Types)
  • Energy Instruments
  • Energy Saving Equipments
  • Environmental Equipments
  • Exhaust Fan, Ceiling Fans & Allied Products
  • Engineering Projects
  • Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metal & Materials
  • Fibre Glass Products & Material
  • Forming & Bending Machines
  • Frequency Equipments
  • Frp Products/Materials
  • Heating Equipments
  • Home Automation Products
  • Industrial Control & Automation Systems
  • Industrial Automation Products
  • Insulators & Insulating Materials
  • Instruments-Sensing, Measuring, Indicating, Testing etc.
  • Lamps, Bulb, CFL etc.
  • Led & Related Products (All Types)
  • Lifting & Pulling Equipments
  • Lighting & Luminaries
  • Lighting & Lighting Accessories
  • Magnet & Allied Products
  • Meters (All Types)
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Mobile Phone Chargers
  • Motors & Generators
  • Nut/Bolts/ Spring/Washer/Rivets etc.
  • Panel Meters (All Types)
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Plugs & Sockets
  • Pollution Control Equipments
  • Power Equipments
  • Power System Protection Products
  • Power Distribution Product & Materials
  • Profile Projectors/Tool Scan etc.
  • Pumps/ Motors/Hydro Equipment/Cts/Pts
  • Rectifiers
  • Rubber Products & Materials
  • Safety Equipments
  • Safety Shoes/Uniforms/Gloves etc.
  • Sealing Material &Equipments
  • Sensors (All Types)
  • Signalling Equipments
  • Solar Products (All types)
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Sub Station Equipments& Materials
  • Switch Gears & Allied Products/Accessories
  • Switches (All Types)
  • Switches/Sockets/Relays
  • Switchgear & Control gear
  • Telecom Equipments
  • Temperature Control Equipments & Materials
  • Testing & Measuring Equipments
  • Thermocouples
  • Timers/Counters etc.
  • Transformer & Allied Products/Accessories
  • Transformer (Power/Current/Distribution)
  • Transformer Oil
  • Transmission Line Products, Material & Accessories
  • Turbine Meters (All Types)
  • UPS, Inverter, Battery etc.
  • Welding Machines, Equipment’s & Accessories
  • Winding Machines (All Types)
  • Wire Related Product/ Machines
  • Wires (All Types)
  • Wiring Harness Services
  • Civil/Mechanical Contracts
  • Electric Reparing Works (All Types)
  • Electrical Fabrications Works (All Types)
  • Electrical Project Consultancy
  • Testing & Certification Of Electrical Products/Material
  • Turnkey Projects/ Contracts

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